The first dairy farm certified Biodiversity Friend® meadows-pastures

The first dairy farm certified Biodiversity Friend® meadows-pastures

On the occasion of the Forest Festival (10-12 September), was delivered the first Biodiversity Friend® certification dedicated to dairy products deriving from animals living in meadows and pastures with high levels of biodiversity.

In the wonderful forest-pastoral setting of the Cansiglio upland, Dr. Davide Troncon, head of the BF standard for CSQA Certifications, and Dr. Gianfranco Caoduro, honorary president of WBA World Biodiversity Association onlus, delivered  to the President of the Dairy and Agritourism Center of the Tambre-Spert-Cansiglio upland (Bio Cansiglio), Dr. Mirko Breda, the first BF certification meadows-pastures module, a standard that values the sustainable farming, carried out on meadows and pastures with particular attention to the conservation of their biodiversity and animal welfare.

It is the first company in the world that can boast this certification, based on a careful analysis of the sustainable management of meadows and pasture surfaces, able to preserve the floristic biodiversity, as well as the fertility and functionality of mountain soils.

The Cooperative Centro Caseario del Cansiglio, already certified organic, has developed its business since the 70s respecting the environment and tradition, feeding the cattle only with natural food, grazing in summer and in the stables in winter, preserving the territory.

Thanks to the Veneto Region, to Veneto Agriculture Agency for innovation in the primary sector, and to CSQA Certifications, for sharing the ideals and tools of Biodiversity Friend® certification.

The products of the Centro Caseario del Cansiglio that can now boast the Biodiversity Friend® brand are: milk, mozzarella, cheeses (fresh, medium and aged), ricotta and yogurt.

Leaf through the summary of the Biodiversity Friend® standard meadows-pastures  here.